Concrete cube measure

Automatic Concrete Cube Measure Device
 for 150mm and 100mm Concete Cube measure.


Concrete Mould

150mm Concrete Cube Mould, 2 parts
100mm Concrete Cube Mould, 2 parts

Cylinder Mould

100mm dia. x 200mm long, weight: 16 kgs
150mm dia. x 150mm long, weight: 14 kgs
150mm dia. x 300mm long, weight: 12 kgs

Beam Mould

Beam moulds are designed to produce accurate specimens 
while avoiding distortion over the length of the mould

100 x 100 x 500mm, weight 29 kgs
150 x 150 750mm, weight 45 kgs

Laboratory Curing Tank

supplied as specified for 220-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 1ph.

Curing Tank

1,650 x 860 x 600mm (H) tank 
include control panel, water pump and Heater.
2,200 x 1,000 x 700mm (H) tank 
include control panel, water pump and Heater

Flow Table

Test appropriate for concrete mixes of high and very high workability

Vibrating Table

mounted on a steel stand, supplied with clamp assembly

600 x 400mm, weight: 60 kgs

Slump Cone Set

BS and ASTM comprising slump cone, base plate, steel rule, tamping rod and funnel.


Concrete Mixer two motor types, 30 litres, 56 litres & 80 litres

Compression Machine

The range consists of the following:
  • The Compact Range
  • The ADR Range
  • ADR-Auto
  • Dual Frame
  • Compression / Tension
  • Flexural & Transverse
  • Accessories

Grinding Machine

Grinding Machine with set grip

Distance Pieces

Effective depth: 20mm / 50mm / 60mm / 80mm / 100mm